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An Email from Helen in England

Dear Bill,

The last time I emailed you I was working my way through Getting Started with Latin. I'm delighted to say that I've completed the book, ensuring that I learnt tabulated information and new vocabulary before moving through the lessons. I can honestly say this is the first language book I've not only read all the way through, but also at every stage I felt confident and motivated. (A far cry from Latin lessons I received at school, where I was hopelessly lost after the first half hour and stayed lost!) In fact, I deliberately had to stop myself racing forward, I was enjoying the material so much!

I recently purchased The First Year of Latin and today I downloaded the first batch of your accompanying lectures. I really do feel as though I'm getting one-to-one tuition, and your lectures really bring the text to life - it makes such a difference to be able to hear the Latin words spoken and the grammatical concepts broken down and explained. I really can't thank you enough for the work you've put into these Latin courses. In previous attempts at learning a new language, I've always failed miserably, ending up frustrated and overwhelmed. Although I still have a long, long way to go, your lectures will, I'm sure, keep me motivated and eager to learn more!

With very best wishes and grateful thanks,


Home Education Advisory Service Bulletin (UK)

In response to home educators' demands, the author designed this large paperback book to help students to overcome the difficulties of learning Latin on their own. This self-contained course is divided into 134 simple bite-size lessons which explain the fundamentals of Latin grammar.

New words and concepts are introduced in a very gradual and systematic way. Each lesson introduces one new word and one grammar concept, followed by exercises to apply what has been learned before moving on to the next lesson. An answer key is provided. To hear the classical pronunciation of words, you can download the free MP3 files from the website or you can use the pronunciation chart included in the book. The ecclesiastical pronunciation will be available on the website soon for those who are interested.

There are also many Latin Expression pages throughout the book, where the author explains the meaning and use of Latin expressions in the English language; for instance, carpe diem, ad hoc, non sequitur.

Our reviewer adds: 'Although my first impression of the book was that it could have been enlivened with some illustrations, I soon found myself hooked in the easy-to-follow lessons, wanting to carry on and learn more... a book for all abilities as students can go as slowly or as fast as they want, and use to fit easily into a busy day.'

A Mom from Georgia

My 11 year old son mysteriously requested to learn Latin a month ago. I was completely perplexed and know nothing about Latin. After discovering that his future high school (I am homeschooling him through his middle school years) does indeed teach Latin, I agreed to find a curriculum. What an experience that was!

And then I found your site. Thank you for being affordable. Thank you for having such a pleasant voice. Thank you for making the lessons short and simple. My easily frustrated son has been working on the lessons steadily since we got the book. He carries it around with him everywhere and has been teaching Latin to his friends! The friends are so interested that I wouldn’t be surprised if you sell a few more books here in [city withheld], GA.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kim [last name withheld] (grateful mother and new Latin student)

Stephanie O., Owner/Moderator, Homeschoolers Hispanas and Central Florida's Homeschoolers

When we first discussed studying Latin, my homeschoolers were absolutely opposed to the idea. They thought it would be dull and unnecessary. Within four lessons, the book Getting Started with Latin convinced my 15 year old daughter that not only was Latin attainable, but it could be useful. For instance, she immediately saw the connection between the English word nautical and the Latin word nauta.

When my 12 year old son asked her how often she might have to use the phrase I am a sailor, she responded with, "When you learn a language, you need to learn all the words, not just the ones you think will be useful." Not only was she convinced, but she was outspoken about it!

For a while, I thought my son would be hard to convince, but even before he began studying in depth, he had been listening to his sister practice her pronunciation. Her mantra seemed to be, "Sum nauta. Nauta sum." Eventually, I caught him mouthing the words as he went about his play. It seems with one book, you have two children hooked!

I have a few homeschool support groups, and though we all do our own thing when it comes to curriculum, I will not hesitate to make my third ever recommendation and tell them all to buy their own copy. Thanks for a great introductory Latin course that is both excellent and painless! We truly appreciate it.

Denise D., Homeschool Mom, Virginia

Foreign languages can be one of the most difficult subjects to learn. Bill Linney has made learning the Latin language fundamentals very simple using a building block approach with each lesson building upon the one before. As a home schooling mother of seven children, I find this study to be outstanding. Students can set their own pace. A middle school-aged student should be able to learn the material with minimal coaching. And a high school-aged student should be able to complete the course independently. Latin is one of the foundation languages of English. By learning Latin language fundamentals, students gain a better understanding of the English language and increase their vocabulary.

Stephanie, Homeschool Mom, Virginia

I started your book yesterday with my kids (we did 4 lessons). They love it! They asked to do it today! When, we stopped they begged for more. We are enjoying this book. I have already recommended it to a few friends. It will go at the top of my list for Latin recommendations to the moms at my Classical Conversations campus.

We have tried many things (too many to admit). We have found [name withheld] to be our favorite, but I am struggling with it! The downfall is always Mom. I have struggled to teach Latin because I don't know Latin! I have been studying and trying, but there are several things I haven't been able to fully grasp. I have a passion for learning and teaching my children Latin, but I have struggled so much. So many things connected on Saturday, and I felt like I finally got it! And I am looking forward to moving forward in my studies and teaching my children thanks to your book.

Linda G., Homeschool Mom, Virginia

Mr. Linney has successfully made learning Latin welcoming and fun. The simple and easy-to-retain mini-lessons in Getting Started With Latin make mastery possible for even the youngest student. My fourth- and sixth-graders caught on immediately and were eager to move ahead to the next lessons. This program is great for all who may want to learn Latin on their own. Finally, a beginning language program that is user-friendly and not intimidating. Thank you, Mr. Linney!