Getting Started With Latin

Getting Started with Latin and Keep Going with Latin are books that teach beginning Latin gradually yet systematically. This unique method was designed specifically to help homeschooled and self-taught students overcome the obstacles they face when studying Latin at home. In each lesson, after learning something new, you can immediately apply what you've learned by translating the fun practice sentences. To check your work, refer to the answer key in the back of the book. To hear the words and exercises pronounced, listen to the free audio recordings from this website. If you need extra help there are also free audio recordings called Author's Commentary Recordings that explain each lesson. As you go, use the knowledge you have gained to speak Latin as you would any other language. This will help you learn Latin faster and better.

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Getting Started with Latin has tied for first place in the 2020 Practical Homechooling Reader Awards.

The Practical Homechooling Reader Awards have been announced in the Summer 2020 issue of Practical Homeschooling Magazine. The reader Awards have been a regular feature in the magazine since 1998. Thousands of homeschoolers rank the curricula they have used, and the products with the highest satisfaction ratings win. Click the blue ribbon above to visit the Practical Homeschooling website.